About Acris Antibodies GmbH / OriGene Technologies GmbH

Logistics Headoffice in Herford

Acris GmbH was founded 1998 as a spinoff of DPC Biermann GmbH, the German subsidiary of Diagnostic Products Corp., Los Angeles. Acris took over responsibility for marketing the DPC Biermann research products. From 1999 to 2003 Acris GmbH focused more and more on the research antibodies.

The first Antibody Catalog was released 1999 and the number of antibodies increased from several hundred in 1998 to more than 175,000 in 2011. In the beginning Acris GmbH served as a distributor for US and UK antibody manufacturers in the German market. In September 2003 Acris GmbH became a fully independent company and took over all research products and customers from DPC. Acris GmbH was renamed Acris Antibodies GmbH what should better reflect our business.

From the very beginning it was our mission to serve the research community with high quality research products. It was our idea to resolve a problem what nearly any researcher is confronted with: “How can I find a product/antibody which will work optimal in my research application”. To help these scientists we used the strategy to develop a platform for thousands of high quality antibodies in one easy to search online database. In the final stage we achieved in 2010 we were able to offer more than 170,000 primary antibodies partly sold as Acris own products partly offered as distributed products from all over the world. As complementary products we added more than 50,000 proteins, lysates and kits.

During the years Acris Antibodies developed from a German distributor to a global player in the research product / antibody market. Distributors in Europe and Asia were added and in the beginning of 2011 we opened a branch office in San Diego, USA.

In 2015 Acris Antibodies GmbH was acquired by OriGene Technologies Inc., Rockville, MD, USA. This strategic decision will strengthen the position of Acris as a supplier of products for Life Sciences. For OriGene this acquisition will improve their presence in Europe with Acris as the new EU headquarter. Customers and distributors will be able to buy OriGene products in EU and will have the option for real time customer support. Therefore, both companies and all OriGene customers will profit from this merger.

Effective July 19th, 2018 the company name was changed to OriGene Technologies GmbH to reflect this change in ownership.

It is our goal that we completely satisfy our customers regarding their requirements for reagents purchased from us. This shall be achieved by delivering our products fast, accurate and reliable. Furthermore, our customers shall receive any required information for the respective product. In addition, it is important for us to have a harmonious relationship with our customers. We commit ourselves to our customer’s requests even if those exceed normal demands for suppliers. We strive for a strong market position and want to offer our customers optimal conditions for realizing international research standards with our products and services. These goals shall be achieved through our obligation to a continuous improvement of the whole company.

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